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Jesus H Christ
Self-Portrait 3
From Retard John's guide to Vice City:

"Hey, man, you know, in that Vice City, you can pick up a prostitute. Then you drive off to the side of the road and you stop and the car starts shaking, then she gets out of the car and starts walking off, and it gives you 25 health back.

"Then you can get out of the car and cut her throat and get your money back. Heh heh."

The look in his eyes when he said this to me is one of the most truly frightening things I've ever seen.

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That game rules. You could do that in GTA3 as well, bang the hoe then set her on fire. Get the cash back too. Can you slit throats in Vice City? I need to get a copy of that sent to Japan, they wont release it here for PS2 because of the violence, yet nasty porn and pedophilia is acceptable. They do port it to the PC at the least, but I want an english version.

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