Will (hellblazer) wrote,

-- The more I even peripherally pay attention to the news and/or politics (which are fast becoming indistinguishable), the more I question how anyone with a functioning brain can support the current administration.

-- Please don't take the above as an invitation to start discussing politics with me. I assure you that it is most emphatically not.

-- Holy crap. The woman died of emphysema, yet no one noticed that she had a towel in her chest for seven whole years. Wow. I think if I ever need the services of a doctor I'll see if I can find one who has "witch" in his title.

-- Speaking of which, I used to watch Bewitched a lot when I was a kid, mostly because I thought Samantha was hot (Serena was hotter, tho'), and it used to bug the shit out of me that Dr. Bombay was white. You say you're gonna call a witch doctor, dammit, I wanna see a brother in a loincloth with a bone in his nose, not some stuffy British dude with a moustache. Witch doctor, my ass.
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