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Jokes and jokes and jokes.

-- If I hadn't been able to get away this weekend I'd probably be about to pee from job hatred. I've got great friends.

-- Holy shit. The olympic flame for this year is a big-assed spliff.

-- Working, working, working a lot. As per usual, very little time for anything else for this stretch of the year, which I HATE. Of course, working brings all the money, which I love like the dirty little sinner that I am. I have a decent reading list to keep me busy, too. Not even counting the wonderful suggestions that were made to me last week, I have four good solid books that I should have plenty of time to get done before October. Which leaves plenty of project-time for working on my Hallowe'en costume.

-- I must needs write letters to people. I can do that tomorrow night.

-- Sometimes --not often, but sometimes-- I feel terribly, terribly alone.
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