Will (hellblazer) wrote,

You know, I've tried, and I mean really and truly honest to God tried --in the spirit of equal time and trying to educate myself on opposing schools of thought-- I have tried my level damn best to read some of Ann Coulter's writings and op/ed pieces, just to try and get a handle on her point of veiw. I've never managed to get more than three paragraphs in before I get so insanely furious that I want to grab that stupid fucking cunt by the hank of her neck and jerk her head back and shove a baseball bat down her goddamn throat. What a willfully ignorant, bigoted, lying, God-damned, shrewish fucking harpy WHORE. If you've ever even thought about agreeing with a single word she's ever said, please for Shiva's sake don't tell me. Because if you're reading this then chances are pretty good that I like you, and I'd hate for you to out yourself to me as a fucking shitbrained retarded breech-birth excuse for a human being and make me hate you.
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