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-- Crap! I meant to fix myself a sandwich for lunch today, but it completely slipped my mind. No damn wonder I woke up early this morning. Me and my subconscious need to work on our communication skills.

-- Yeah, I'll believe this when somebody comes up with an actual physical head on a pike. This won't be the first time Acclaim has "gone under" and I'm willing to bet it won't be the last, tho' I admit they've never done it so spectacularly before. Those bastards are harder to kill than Steven motherfuckin' Segal. Which would be a good thing if they didn't insist on pumping out so much crap.

-- Is Brini Maxwell a transvestite? She damn sure looks like one.

-- Entomologists say that a good rule of thumb is that no one anywhere is ever more than three feet away from a spider. Sleep tight.
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