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"Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty, it raises the dead!"
Self-Portrait 3
Even tho' Michelle pointed this out to me last night, I just now realized that today is Friday the 13th. No wonder I've been in such a twitchy mood today.

In recent years I've sort of had a change of heart about the whole Friday the 13th phenomenon. Hypothetically speaking, of course, if you're the superstitious sort and you believe in that sort of thing. Should a general malaise of bad luck just sort of... settle on Friday the 13th, then you should by all means be prepared to deal with the bad things. BUT, this also means that there's really no reason for you to try and be extra-cautious or anything. If the bad things are going to just happen, then they're going to just happen regardless of what you do. So you may as well use this as an excuse to do things you might want to do but wouldn't normally do, like ask your cute blonde friend if she'd like to go to dinner with you. You know, hypothetically. If you believe in that sort of thing.

But it's still hard for me to get rid of that "bad things are coming" itch that's in the back of my brain. And so the challenge of trying to balance being a civilized human being with acting on instinct continues.

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i don't know why this seems important to me right now, but your user icon.. what is inscribed on that character's lighter?

also, ask her. do it.

Nothing is inscribed on that lighter. That character is John Constantine. Judging by your "fuck communism" comment, you're thinking of Jesse Custer, who does indeed have a silver-plated Zippo inscribed with the legend "FUCK COMMUNISM".

Also, you know what? I think I will.

Re: fuck communism?

Do you have a user icon with Jesse Custer on it, or does John Constantine also have a "fuck communism" lighter? The lighter he's holding is way too small for me to see anything written on it. Anyways, I'm gonna assume you have a Jesse Custer icon where he's holding a "fuck communism" lighter. So for Chris's benefit, I'll relate the story to him.

Jesse Custer is the main character in the comic Preacher. His father, John Custer, was a marine in 'Nam. One day at the firebase a chopper comes in, and John Wayne steps out. He gives all of the men zippos with "Fuck Communism" written on them. So that's where the "Fuck Communism" lighter comes from.

Fan-Boy T.J.

I don't have a Jesse Custer user icon, but there is a Preacher cover that's got Jesse lighting a cigarette with his Fuck Communism lighter in a very similar pose to the pic on my icon. I think the Preacher cover and the Hellblazer cover I lifted that pic from were both done by Glenn Fabry.

You, my friend, are in luck

A few things: Luke and I can't leave until he gets off work at five, so we'll probably be here if you come by before 6:00. You can borrow my book and get your cds back (which I still haven't been able to burn because I'm incompetent with technology). Also, WHO is this chick? Why haven't I heard about her? As a concerned neighbor and friend, I demand answers!

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