Will (hellblazer) wrote,

Strange Machine

Information is the future.

Christopher Priest did a comic called Xer0 about a man plugged into the most powerful search engine on the planet. The UltraNet. All information, everywhere. All he had to do was need the info and it gave it to him. Scientists at MIT are working on the same thing as we speak. A GPS enabled headband-mounted cam and a wireless internet connection to a database. It knows where you are and what you're looking at and feeds you up to the minute information. Everything you want to know about the target. All we need to do now is make the equipment smaller and the database bigger and faster. Shrink the camera and reciever down to an eyeglasses-mounted thing and a pack the size of the one that powers Bush's little AuraPrompTer. Seed access points for the database on vending machines, road signs, fire hydrants, wherever. Make the connection faster, the info-pipe and the database bigger. You look at something and it feeds you what it is, what it was, where it's been, what it can do; know all that, and you can make a pretty good guess about what it will be and what it will do.

Information is the future. Get enough information and it'll give you the future. All you have to do is ask.


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