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-- Heh. The 'why the hell do we have to ghetto-mod our vehicles to have decent armor?' question was planted by an embedded reporter. I can't decide what's cooler about this; the fact that the administration's been caught yet again in its tactic of ducking the hard issues either by only allowing reporters to ask pre-approved slow-pitch questions or denying them access altogether, or the fact that Donald Rumsfeld essentially got punk'd.

-- Speaking of The Don, I absolutely love this picture--


He totally looks like some dude in a club somewhere, gettin' all up in somebody's grill, tryin' to start some shit.

-- Here's the trailer for XXX 2. I'm sorry if this puts me amongst the legions of the easily-entertained mouthbreathers, but Samuel L. Jackson, Ice Cube and Xzibit smackin' fools, shootin' motherfuckers and blowin' shit up? I'm so there.

-- Jacob get your gun. According to his website, George RR Martin probably won't be done with "A Feast for Crows" 'til the end of the year at the earliest, which means we'll be damn lucky if we see the thing before this time next year. I ain't gettin' my hopes up.
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