Will (hellblazer) wrote,

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this fucking hilarious.

Cuba Erects Iraq Abuse Billboards Near U.S. Mission

By Marc Frank

(Emphasis in the article is mine, on the bits I find particularly amusing)

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba put up several huge billboards near the U.S. mission on Friday with pictures of abused Iraqi prisoners and American soldiers pointing a rifle at children, in response to a U.S. Christmas display in support of imprisoned Cuban dissident.

Two billboards with photos of hooded and bloodied inmates at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, a swastika and the word "fascists" in bold red letters were erected across the street from the U.S. diplomatic mission, where the display of Christmas lights includes the number 75, in reference to 75 pro-democracy activists imprisoned for lengthy terms last year.

Another billboard faces the back of the building, with large photos of U.S. soldiers searching and pointing a rifle at children, presumably in Iraq.

A U.S. diplomat called the billboards fanatical and hyperbolic.

"There couldn't be a better contrast: the U.S. wishing Cubans happy holidays, Frosty waving at passers-by and an effort to prompt discussion on human rights on the one side, and screaming Cuban government billboards on the other," he said.

Cuba had demanded this week that the U.S. display at the mission on Havana's busy sea-side drive be taken down. The president of the National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcon, called it "rubbish" and "a provocation."

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on Wednesday the display and the number 75 showed "our solidarity with Cubans who struggle for democracy and freedom" and would remain until the holidays were over.

The U.S. diplomat in Cuba said: "The torture at Abu Ghraib ... has been investigated, reported and discussed fully and openly in the United States. ... The Cuban government does not allow a single word of dissent in its media and jails those who dare espouse different ideas."

Washington broke off diplomatic relations with Havana and imposed sanctions on Cuba after Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution, but the two countries maintain interests sections in each others' capitals.

© Reuters 2004. All Rights Reserved.

There's an article in Spanish here that I think has more information about the 75 prisoners that are just alluded to in this article. It also has a quote from Castro that there would be "consequences" if the diplomatic office didn't take down the reference to the 75 prisoners in the holiday decorations.

That quote from the unnamed "US Diplomat" is no different than two guys drinking until they piss their pants and the guy who drank less saying "Yeah, well, you drank more than me so your pants are wetter!".

Dude. Pay attention, okay?

You got 100% 0wn3d. You went to somebody else's house and tried to start some shit and they raised up and knocked you the fuck out. Try taking it like a man next time.
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