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Self-Portrait 3
I admit without qualification that the Mac Mini is hot to death. But the iPod Shuffle can eat a dick. $150 for one gig of storage and no display, and the only control you have over your playlist is previous song/next song? Fuck that. I can beat that functionality all to hell if I shell out fifty bucks for a one gig SD card for my four-year-old palm pilot.

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I can see your point about the iPod Shuffle, but still, I don't have any desire for one, and so it fails as a Mac product. Mac stuff is all about eliciting clean, fast technolust. You could have gotten a far more powerful PC for the money you paid for your iMac; I could save a couple hundred bucks from what I would spend on a MacMini and upgrade my existing PC to the Mini's specs or better. I still can't help but look at the thing and think want. Want NOW. The iPod Shuffle completely fails in that regard.

That said, if they get the '85 Bears in the studio to do a commercial for the thing, I'll buy six of them.

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