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Self-Portrait 3
For the most part, the Oscar noms for this year are fairly lackluster, but the fact that Farenheit 9/11 wasn't nominated for Best Documentary quite simply fills me with glee. Maybe there'll be a Best Propaganda category next year, and then Michael Moore will be all set.

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Actually, Mike Moore didn't submit his film as a contender for best documentary. Apparently the rules governing such things state that a documentary can't be released for home viewing until at least a year after its theatrical run to qualify for the Oscar. Moore wanted to release Farenheit 911 to DVD before the November election so he was out of luck there. But he won last year, so no biggie- right?

Re: The rest of the story

I stand corrected. He's still Leni Riefenstahl in a cheap windbreaker and a trucker hat.

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