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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
I, for one, am desperately hoping that the cancellation of the 2004-2005 NHL season means I'll be able to pick up a few hockey jerseys on the cheap. Beyond that, I don't particulary give a shit.

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Here's a bootleg copy of the source code for EA Sports "NHL 2005":

10 REM
20 REM *** EA Sports
30 REM *** NHL 2005
40 REM
50 INPUT "Enter name:";P$
60 INPUT "Enter team name:";T$
70 PRINT "Processing"
80 REM
90 REM *** This routine provides an appropriate delay
100 REM
110 FOR W = 1 to 1000000
120 PRINT "."
130 NEXT W
140 REM
150 REM *** Clears the screen
160 REM
170 REM *** User taunt
180 REM
190 CLR
200 PRINT "Neener neener neener! You suck! I got your five-hole RIGHT FRIGGIN' HERE - (Gary Bettman)"
210 GOTO 10
220 END
230 REM Credits
240 REM
250 REM Programming by Gary Bettman
260 REM Design by Bob Goodenow
270 REM Storyline by Lucifer Morningstar
280 REM Catering by Rats and Newts to Go!
290 REM If you can read this, you have been pwned.
300 REM

That is terribly amusing.

But to me, not as amusing as the fact that EA did put out an NHL 2005. I also like that the first line of the promo copy bills it as "the most authentic and complete experience for hockey fans around the world". Indeed, sir.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see guys playing this on ESPN at some point this year.

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