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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
-- Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you ever get the feeling that Penn & Teller pretty much have to be up each other?

-- Hurm. Apparently there's life on Mars. Swanky.

-- Bush advises Syria to adhere to a UN resolution and withdraw it's troops from Lebanon. Christ, the BALLS on that fucker! How does he walk with those gargantuan fucking things hanging? Is there a dude with a wheelbarrow following behind him that I never noticed before, carting those bastards around? Jesus!

-- How do you know when it's "bedtime" at Michael Jackson's house?
The big hand touches the little one.

Hell yeah I laughed at it. You did too. Don't lie.

-- Because some ad exec somewhere is trying to be "hip" and "with it", but in reality doesn't have clue fucking one, McDonald's is currently running an ad campaign with a guy expressing his desire to fuck a double cheeseburger. It'd be sad if it wasn't so Goddamn funny.

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That is too damned funny. Have you seen the Hardee's dick-sucking commercials?

Yes, I have, and honestly? I prefer them to the Hardee's "hot girl eating a huge burger while riding a mechanical bull" commercials, which quite frankly disgusted me. Don't get me wrong; you know full well that I loves me a woman who can appreciate a good sammich, but dammit there's a line. No one looks attractive while they're in the process of gorging themselves on messy-looking unhealthy food.

They took notice of this on "The Screen Savers."

And one of 'em photoshopped up similar ads for other fast food joints (yes, I'm aware the McD's one is real). I believe one they made up, though, was "I'm a'tap that fajita chicken pita." Another, for Subway: "I'd like to have sex with that cold cut combo." Brilliance.

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