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The problem with quitting sodas cold turkey is that I drink Pepsi, and I drink a LOT of it. I've dropped soda cold turkey a time or two in the past and it's never given me a problem, but this time I'm getting brutal caffine withdrawl headaches. So as a stopgap I'm cutting my intake back from at least two with every meal to just a little bit to take the edge off. I got a six-pack of the little short 8 oz cans; hopefully one of those a day will be enough to keep the pain from the sinus-headache levels that kept me up until two last night. Plus, I can pretend I'm a giant when I drink them, so I win all the way around.

This is just until I can get a teapot, mind you, and find a nice little tea with a touch of caffine in it. And yes, I guess I could switch to diet drinks, except they taste, for the most part, like monkey spunk.
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