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Bite my ass, Benjamin J. Grimm. Your mother was a prostitute, wasn't she?
Self-Portrait 3
The ToyBiz Marvel Lengends collection is a six-inch figure line with a lot of good qualities. One of my favorite things about them is that they're built to an approximation of scale with each other. It's not as tight and intricately proprtioned as HO gage (or maybe it is; I've never actually sat down and measured it out), but characters who are larger than average in the comics have noticably bigger figures. They're not rotoscoped, either; these are solid-ass pieces of plastic.

My Hulk and Thing figures broke the deadlock of their struggle at 4:59 in the am, with the Hulk emerging victorious. The Thing fell from the ledge they were perched on and slammed into the left speaker for my computer and knocked it to the floor, thus turning my good, solid 9 hrs' sleep into the same 5 1/2 I've been sputtering by on for the past two weeks. Thanks a lot, fucker. That's why the Hulk was CGI and you're the Commish in a rubber suit.

Hurm. The little 1-inch Cyborg that Chase gave me was sitting on top of that speaker. There's no telling where he ended up. I might never see him again. Poor guy.

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You're awake at 6am on a Saturday? That's just wrong, Will.

I was actually awake at 5 am on a Saturday. The clock on my computer is an hour fast, and thus so is the timestamp on my entries.

Just tell me when you'll be available to...

PICK UP YOUR PHONE. Provided it's mot during me (sic!) business hours, I'll be more than happy to make an appointment to TALK to you.

Re: Just tell me when you'll be available to...

not... not mot

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