Will (hellblazer) wrote,

"Hey, what happened to all the Gatorade?"

Last Sunday I went grocery shopping, and I bought an 8-pack each of pepsi, orange, and root beer. That's 24 sodas, a full case. Today I have 7 of them left. Yesterday alone I cracked open a pepsi when I woke up because my throat was dry. I drank half of it and put the rest in the fridge. I finished it when I came home for lunch, drank a sunkist, and opened and drank half of a root beer. I ran home to grab a sandich, then proceeded to drink three mr. pibbs in the three and a half hours I worked last night. When I made it home, I finished the root beer and drank another 2 pepsi's (yes, I know the apostrophe doesn't belong, but you spell out the plural of pepsi and it's "pepsis". Which looks stupid.) before I went to bed, and then woke up twice during the night with a dry mouth, which led to polishing off another sunkist. So altogether, that's nine.

And the really, really sad part is that this is me trying to cut down.
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