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Sweet Kali! Meine augen!!
Self-Portrait 3
So the last time Mallet ran a candidate for SGA president he couldn't stop being a jackass long enough to actually run, and instead decided to ruin about the only thing anyone on campus actually still respected Mallet for. So when they're given the chance to redeem themselves, instead of pulling their heads out of their asses and proving they're not idiots, we get this crap. I can't decide if it's more sad than it is pathetic, or more pathetic than it is sad.

Is pathetisad a word?

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did you see the comments at the bottom? Lord almighty, have mercy.

Crutcher's back to his fat ways.

Is pathetisad a word?

It is now! Congratulations!

Not mine. Credit where credit's due, I stole that from an old episode of Drew Carey.

It's a travishamockery.


I particularly liked the last comment:

"Nice fat-suit on that clown"

I only wish the person who posted that had had the guts to post their full name.

FUCKING BLOODY HELL, Will, I had no intention of ever seeing Crutcher ever again, in photography, alive, dead, rendered in a courtroom scene...and you link to him. Bloody hell, man.

I have developed the power to inflict pain from halfway around the world.

My journey is now complete. HA! Feel the power of the Dark Side.

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