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-- Oh my God. The trailer for Bewitched punched me into seventeen different parts. Absolutely horrible.

-- Today was awfulness. I'm not expecting tomorrow to be much better. At least I do get to have lunch with Michelle tomorrow.

-- I very very clearly remember eating dinner. Why am I still hungry?

-- I have pictures of my family on my desk now. It's very quaint and domestic-like. And now it suddenly occurs to me now that I've got everything all set up nice and neat the way I want it, next week sometime I'm going to take it all apart and put it back together backwards. Shit.

-- I think I'm going to put another patch or two on my jacket. Like, right now. It isn't usually the kind of thing I do on the spur of the moment, but whatever. At least it's clean, I washed it last night.

-- If anybody knows how to get in touch with Bess, let me know.
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