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Self-Portrait 3
And once again, The Onion gets it far better than the "real" news does--

"They're drilling in the Alaskan wilderness? That's too bad. Someone really ought to look into passing laws to put such places under federal protection so this doesn't happen again."

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ANWR was created to be a wilderness area AROUND a drill site.

ANWR is one-tenth of Alaska.

7,000 people live there.

The drilling is only six months out of the year.

Total footprint for drilling? (minus the pipeline, of course.)
2,000 square feet.

Granted, drilling in ANWR isn't the answer to our energy problems, but no one solution by itself is.

(I'd be curious to see how much of the money funneled to the environmentalists opposing ANWR drilling is really coming from the Middle East.)

I lived in Alaska - in a town (granted, far from the site) that was more than half native. The folks there supported the drilling by about 95-5. I don't like the idea of drilling there. Neither do they. I would guess few people do. Still, they say what they say. And - you're right. Short of massive IMMEDIATE energy policy reforms, nothing by itself solves the probem. But then, what's the U-S without major budget problems these days?

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