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Dammit, I need to get off the internets. All they do is piss me off.
Self-Portrait 3
Bootlegging movies will now get you the same ride in the slam as involuntary manslaughter. More, in some cases. Next time you're torn between downloading Episode III and getting ripped and running over a few little kids, consider the consequences of your actions very carefully.

Oh noes! What if teh pinguin has a boxcutter shoved up his ass? Better put him through the metal detector.

Cockfighting? Oh, that's a felony. Five years in lockdown. Put your wife in the hospital? Misdeameanor, thirty days, bitch probably deserved it anyway.

Fuck you, America. Fuck you in the ass with a broken stick.

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You're still at work? I wish I was home, I'd log on to AIM. I miss you!!

1) I miss you too.

2) Still at work.

3) Going crazy.

1. I'm going crazy too. I'll trade your crazy for my crazy just for a change of pace.

2. I've been working/at school for 10 hour days this week so I feel your pain.

3. I started new meds for my arthritis which are used for chemo, and I feel like shit, so tell me something fun. Where are you going this weekend?

3)Me and Shelli and Jojo are going to Mobile. There's an exhibit of the Dead Sea Srolls and an exhibit of historical bibles at the Gulf Coast Science Center and at the museum, respectively. There's also an ancient weapons exhibit at the museum :) So basically I'ma go get my learn on and hang out with cute chicks all weekend. I r00l.

1) I don't know if you want my crazy. It's "All the sugar from the white chocolat truffel and the cheesecake is kicking in" crazy. I might have to hork later.

2) I actually got off work on time Monday night. That was the only day this week.

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