Will (hellblazer) wrote,

America's just there to make me laugh.

-- Rednecks get arrested for stealing the money they claim they found in a hole in the ground. Man, that is just the textbook definition of 0wn3d. The picture makes it at least twice much better.

-- Runaway bride is still runnin', but her family won't let her go. Once again, my favorite bit from the article: "Belcher said searchers found sweat pants in Duluth, sweatshirts in two nearby towns and some hair. The clump of hair was found in a business complex in the Duluth area, Belcher said. The hair was consistent with Wilbanks' hair color and appeared to have been cut, Belcher said." There's someone in the circle of people who're so desperate to find her that this woman does NOT want to see again. My money's on her pops. Any takers?
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