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Comcast blows syphillitic goats. And likes it.
Self-Portrait 3
My gorram modem is broken. Again.

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I'm not familiar with Gorram Electronics. Do they make DSL or cable modems?

This is why I ditched the Comcrap modem quickly and bought my own shiny Motorola Surfboard modem. Kicks broadband ass. I only paid about 45 dollars for mine, not bad considering you pay 3 or 4 dollars a month for the hulking shit of a modem comdouche offers up.

The Motorola Surfboard is what Comcast is issuing as their standard modem now, apparently. The one they gave me lasted... about two weeks before it started crapping out on me.

I've had mine for two years with no issues. Maybe they give out a bunch of shitty, used, refurbished models. Or maybe they throw them at the bottom of an ocean trench for a while before letting people use them.

I like to think the first is more likely , but honestly? Neither one would really surprise me.

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