February 27th, 2002

Self-Portrait 3

The Evil Dead

I think I'm going to go see the Lord of the Rings again at some point this week. Maybe Saturday afternoon or Friday night, since I probably won't have anything else to do this weekend. Also, I need to go to the mall at some point this week. ToyBiz is putting out yet another figure in the super-poseable Spider-Man line. This one is the Scarlet Spider, who was hella-lame as a character, but the super-poseable Spideys are such awesome figures. I can't wait 'til somebody at Toy Biz goes "hey, the kids really like these super-poseable Spider-Man figures, and female figures always sell like hotcakes. Hey! What if we put out a Black Cat and a Spider-Girl to boost the lineup? GOLD!" Then there will be yet more toys for me to burn away my "hard-earned" scratch on.

You know, May is looking like it's going to be such a hella-awesome month that I'm already looking forward to it. Spider-Man on the 3rd, my birthday on the 8th, Blink-182, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World at Oak Mountain on the 13th, and Episode II on the 16th. Fun, fun, fun. Hopefully I can find something to do on the second half of the month.

I haven't seen Luke or Michelle in about three weeks, which means I still haven't given Luke his knife. Which makes me feel all the more lame, seeing as I actually found the thing a few days ago. Of course, I may not have seen them in so long because of my almost never going to Mallet anymore, on account of it now being the *LAMEST* *PLACE* *EVER*. Of course, they may not go over there very much anymore, either. Probably don't, now that I think about it. They should come over to my house and hang out.
Self-Portrait 3

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How to tell someone or something that they/it suck/sucks without saying a word:

First off, make both your hands into L-shapes (pointer finger straight and thumb stuck out at a 90% angle). Do this with the back of your hand towards you and your palm facing outward, towards your target (hereinafter referred to as "palm-out"). Your right hand, from your POV, will be a mirror-image L. Practice this move, as it is the building block of almost all of these signs.

The Clueless classic. Make both hands into the L-shape, then put the tips of your thumbs together and and angle the tips of your pointers outward until you make a W-shape. Display palm-out to your target.

Make both hands into the L-shape, then turn your hands palm side toward you (hereinafter referred to as "palm-in"). Cross your thumbs at the joint and angle your pointer fingers to make a W-shape. Your forearms will be crossed in approximately an X-shape. Display palm-in toward your target.

Make your right hand into the L-shape (see, I told you this was important). Put the back of your hand against your forehead and display palm-out toward your target.

Make your right hand into the L-shape. Hold at arms length and display palm-out towards your target. Note: Some people prefer to use the "loser" and "lame" signs in the opposite way, which I will admit makes more sense in light of--

Shoot the bird, with your thumb at a 90% angle and your pointer bent at the second joint only (semi-Chicago-style). Place against your forehead and display palm-out towards your target.