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Wing Chun
Self-Portrait 3
Went out with Sarah and Shelli and the grad student (apparently he of "Fuck the Grad Student" fame) from their lab, name of Chris, and had sushi last night.

Sweet Vishnu, that could be the most atrocious sentence in the English language.

Anyway, sushi was fun. There was my old standby the Kabuki roll, which is shrimp tempura and crab meat, Kani, which is crab, and then there was the baby octopus, which I think pretty much speaks for itself. It was also very good, and I actually enjoyed eating it, which kind of bothers me. But it shouldn't, I know. My horizons have been expanded, and I'm a better person for it.

Shelli also convinced me to eat a bite of her California Roll (Jesus, people, get your minds out of the gutter), which I have heretofore dismissed as "yuppie sushi", but it was actually pretty tasty. Again, broadened horizons. Not a bad thing at all.

After the sushi, Sarah and I went home, watched Moulin Rouge again, and between the two of us very nearly killed a bottle of plum wine. God, I feel like such a woman. :)