May 7th, 2002

Self-Portrait 3

"I'm feelin' good today, Silent Bob."

Went and saw Spider-Man twice on Friday, and it was what I'd call a resounding success.

Spider-Man? Perfect.

The Green Goblin? Perfect.

Peter Parker? Perfect.

Mary Jane? Perfect.

Harry Osborn? Perfect.

Norman Osborn? Beyond perfect.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben? Perfect.

J. Jonah Jameson? Beyond perfect.

The special effects and Spidey's origin? Spot-on in every aspect.

Tobey Maguire? Great, great performance, in and especially out of the suit.

Kirsten Dunst? Really great job with what ends up being the weakest lead role.

James Franco? This kid has chops. He cooks.

Willem Dafoe? Probably the best performance I've ever seen him deliver, and I like Willem Dafoe.

All in all, excellent, excellent movie. A great retelling of Spidey's origin story, without changing or altering anything too far from the source material (and what little that does end up getting altered makes perfect sense), and adding in a lot of stuff that fits beautifully, and combining that, perfectly, with elements from lots of classic Spider-Man stories. Just beautiful. Go see it NOW.

I downloaded all the songs from the Buffy musical today. After searching for them for the better part of a month now, I'm surprised how easy it ended up being.

Man, I'm in a good mood today. Maybe it's because I rock. Like Dio and shit.
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