July 30th, 2002

Self-Portrait 3

Why can't we just have shells on our backs, like a turtle?

'Course, if I lived in a shell, where would I keep all my shit? Damned materialistic urges.

Well, I've done all that stuff you're supposed to do when you're moving. I've signed my lease and I've paid my deposit. Unfortunately, I've also been told that they're "cutting it close" on the cleaning of the units (must not... make... dick joke), and that I'll probably have somewhere to live come 5pm on August 1, which is almost exactly a day after I need to be out of the place that I'm living in now. Which I think falls into the category of stuff you're NOT supposed to do when you're moving. But seeing as how this is almost exactly what happened to me last year, I have some experience with these matters, and I'll be able, I think, to handle myself just fine.

And it also means I get to be a Homeless(tm) again. Which, in all honesty, I pretty much don't have a problem with. I'm taking off work Thursday and Friday, so I'll be in precisely the same boat I was in at precisely this time last year.

Hurm. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I never really appreciated the truth in the saying until now. Hell, it should probably be my fucking motto. Somebody translate that into Latin for me. Or perhaps German, so it'll have that nice authoritative ring to it. First one to get it done gets a Blue Raspberry AirHead and a cookie.