December 18th, 2002

Self-Portrait 3

Oh look. Instead of honest communication, yet more cryptic song lyrics.

"I died, so many years ago
But you can make me feel like it isn't so
And why you come to be with me
I think I finally know

"You're scared, ashamed of what you feel
And you can't tell the ones you love, you know they couldn't deal
A whisper in a dead man's ear, doesn't make it real
That's great, but I don't wanna play
Cuz bein' with you touches me, more than I can say
And since I'm only dead to you, I'm sayin' stay away
And let me rest in peace

"Let me rest in peace
Let me get some sleep
Let me take my love and bury it in a hole six foot deep
I can lay my body down,
but I can't find my sweet release
So let me rest in peace

"You know, you got a willin' slave
And you just love to play the thought
you might misbehave
But 'til you do, I'm tellin' you
Stop visitin' my grave
And let me rest in peace

"I know I should go
But I follow you like a man possessed
There's a traitor here beneath my breast
And it hurts me more than you've ever guessed
If my heart could beat it would break my chest
But I can see you're unimpressed
So leave me be

"And let me rest in peace
Let me get some sleep
Let me take my love and bury it in a hole six foot deep
I can lay my body down
but I can't find my sweet release,
so let me rest in peace
Why won't you
let me rest in peace"

Hey, I just realized--"cryptic". Hah! Ha ha, I slay me.

Hey, goes another one. DAMN, I'm good.
Self-Portrait 3

Things to do while I'm on vacation

Buy curtains. I need one for my big window and one for my doorway. I'm also thinking about getting one for my smaller window, but I'm not sure how safe that is.

Buy a desk. Since I abandoned my old desk on the side of the road when we moved out of the house, I've been desk-less. I haven't really been organized enough or had a need for a desk, but that's beside the point.

Fix my bed and my entertainment center. Both of them are kind of starting to bow towards the middle. Two of the boards in the frame of my box spring have apparently snapped (Yeah, yeah, get your mind out of the gutter. I wish. ), and my entertainment center is just old. Fortunately for me, a judicious application of planks and nails should be enough to clear up both these problems.

Actually, I should probably decide if I'm going to buy a new entertainment center before I go through all the trouble it's going to be to fix the old one. I probably will just end up fixing the one I've got, tho'. I do have an idea entertainment center in mind, but it exists only in my head, and I don't have the tools or the space I need to build it, so...

Organize and catalogue my DVD's, CD's, software (read: video games), books and comics. Seeing as how just the comics are probably enough to keep me busy for a solid week, I'll settle for just making a good, solid dent.

God. I am the most BORING PERSON ALIVE.
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