February 10th, 2003

Wesley Dodds

Luke's dream journal reminded me that I meant to tell him about this yesterday, but forgot.

I had a dream on Saturday night/Sunday morning, which stands out not because of how weird it was, because it was weird, but I have weird dreams all the time, but because of how extremely vivid it ended up being. And it kind of bothers me, because usually when I have vivid dreams that I can remember well after I wake up, it --- well, let's just say it's not good and leave it at that.

In the dream, I was walking home from work. It's probably early April, because the sun's still out, but I'm still wearing a jacket. As I get closer to the apartment I feel a rumbling under my feet, and I smell a really stinky burning. I can see the apartment now, and it looks like buildings look when there's an earthquake in a really bad cartoon. Instead of crumbling, parts of the building had split away as if they had been cut to make a facet, and they'd shifted away from each other. The ground had also done this in several places, and there was a magma fountain erupting from the parking lot hill on the other side of the building.

My first thought is that I need to see if Luke and Michelle are okay, so I start making my way across the parking lot (not the one with the magma spout, that's on the other side of the building). It was rough going, but fortunately I had a stick with a spring-loaded grappling hook built in. That came in handy, especially when I found out the stairs weren't there anymore. So, I make my way to their apartment, and they're sitting there as calm as can be, and other than not having any power, they're completely unaffected by whatever's going on outside. Luke says to me, "you should go check on your stuff, man. We heard the other side of the building got assfucked."

So I turn around and I leave, and there's so much debris surrounding the building that I can just go around instead of having to go back downstairs and back up like I usually do. I work my way around to my apartment, and when I open the door I notice that it looks like the place has been rotated 90 degrees. I'm seeing it as I would see it from one of the walls instead of from the front door. There are three or four people sitting on my couch watching a movie, and I can't remember who they were, other than I'm certain they were all people that I don't like. Also, one of them may have been either Triple H or Joe Eszterhas. They decided to help themselves to my battery-powered TV and DVD player. Why my TV and DVD player were battery powered, I have no idea. When I took a step into my apartment, I believe intending to kick all of their asses, the section of the floor I was standing on levered up like I'd stepped on the end of a seesaw, and dropped me off the second floor. And then I woke up.