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Some times, my friend. Some times.
Self-Portrait 3
This was my thought process as I walked to work.

"Hurm. Pretty thick layer of frost on the cars this morning."

A minute later, "It's really not all that cold out here. Wonder where all this frost came from?"

And a minute after that, "Damn, look at that, there's even frost on... the rooftops--

"Fuck me, it snowed last night."

So I walked up to the trunk of a car and ran my hand across it. It had started to melt in the sun and re-freeze in the below-freezing temps, but enough of it came away in my hand to confirm my theory.

It was a very pleasant moment.

And just when I thought we were done with the quizzes
Self-Portrait 3

Weapon of Mass Destruction

What weapon should you be?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm offended by the "bully" remark, but I like the rest of it. Especially the bit about being sexually attractive in a "sick fetish nobody talks about at parties" kind of way.