March 17th, 2003

John Constantine

(no subject)

Nothing to say, really, just didn't want St. Patrick's Day to get away from me. Pretty much all I know about the history of Irish independence I learned from Garth Ennis (don't ask, although it brings me a strange comfort to have never met the man, yet be able to say with near certainty that he is at this very moment drinking/drunk), but I think it's pretty damn cool that there's a really big holiday that exists pretty much for the sole purpose of celebrating being Irish.

Yesterday, on a spur of the moment trip to Target, I bought the first season of Angel, Heathers, and Billy Idol's Greatest Hits.

You're jealous; admit it.

Speaking of which, Angel's Irish. I know I shouldn't just yet, but I think I'll watch an episode before I go to bed.
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