April 23rd, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

"Got any dynamite in your room, boy?" "Tons!" "Go get it."

My trip to Birmingham got cancelled (awwwwwwwww...), so I've been spending the morning actually getting work done. Well, that, and lusting after import DVD's. I really want to get Once Upon a Time in China, and I've wanted to get Hero since it came out. There's this thing called The Legend of Zu and (I'm guessing here) it's sequel, Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain that I've heard really good things about. And hell, they're directed by Tsui Hark, so I figured I'd go on and pick up a copy. Unfortunately, the cheapest and best source for DVD's like these is a place called dddhouse.com that operates out of Hong Kong. Since I'd rather not get a big fat helping of the Hong Kong Lunglock in my mailbox, I think buying crap from overseas is going to have to wait for a little while.

There's an ad in today's CW that makes my pants cry. It has a huge headline "Are you experiencing anti-Christian bigotry on campus?", and then it goes on to enlighten us. The following is quoted verbatim, incorrect typography and all.

"In the name of "diversity" and "tolerance," schools are systematically violating the rights of students who follow Jesus. Are you or a campus Christian group to which you belong being singled out for unfair treatment? The answer may be "yes" if your school:"

(It then goes on to list some examples of anti-Christian bigotry. These are my favorites:)

"Enforces a speech code that limits you or your group's right to speak disapprovingly of extramarital sexual, homosexual, or other behaviors."

"Mandates "diversity training" that attempts to force you to affirm behavior or viewpoints that violate your faith or conscience."

I like the way they express their derision by putting diversity and tolerance in quotes, like they're some made-up boogeyman that somebody saw in the Weekly World News. I also like how "anti-Christian bigotry" apparently boils down to not letting them be bigots to everybody else. News flash, assholes, the only thing that makes Christianity any different than any other religion is that it's practiced by more people, and that difference doesn't make you right and everybody who disagrees with you wrong.

Urgh. As always, ignorant bible-thumpers make my SNARK percentage skyrocket, but alas, the world gets a reprieve today. My mood has been immeasurably brightened by the fact that the box full of goodies I ordered from Bud K on Saturday got here this morning. I guess the fact that they're headquartered in Georgia helps a lot.
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