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Funny at first, but actually kinda creepy.
Self-Portrait 3
You remember Stewart's mom from Beavis and Butthead? I just talked to a Xerox tech support operator who sounded EXACTLY like her. Same voice, same accent, same enunciation, EVERYTHING.

Self-Portrait 3
Well, no badass Orson Welles films for me. Whatever tool is in charge of the movies at the Ferg was off doing something other than what he was supposed to be doing at 7:30. And this is the second time this has happened this semester, too. I remember when you could go to the Ferg Theatre and actually count on getting to see a movie when there was supposed to be one playing. Kids these days, I swear. No responsibility, no respect; no fucking discipline is what it boils down to.

That reminds me: I saw Jennifer Lopez's new video the other day, and it's a riff on the audition scene from Flashdance. And by "riff on" I mean "damn near a shot-for-shot remake of". The next person who tells me the '80's aren't coming back is getting punched in the dick.

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John Constantine
Words have completely failed me

Anybody who thinks this world is worth it can suck my dick. You really can.