June 2nd, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

"No college degree, just a dumb-ass G. Who, me?"

Yes, me.

My black ass is planning on doing precisely two things when I get home from work: jack and shit. I woke up at 3:30 am today, naked with all the lights turned out. Which is odd only because (1) I usually don't wake up until 7, and (2) the last thing I remember is lying in bed checking my e-mail, still wearing my jeans and belt. At any rate, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I've been going all day on basically a four-hour nap.

My apartment needs to be cleaned (what else is new), and I need to do some dishes. Should I be able to manage these Herculean tasks, I'm hoping to be in bed by 10 tonight. Which is good, because I'll probably need the rest. I'm planning to head over to the Madhouse tomorrow after dinner to pick up where Luke and I left off on the kung fu. And I mean that almost literally; Luke will no doubt be disappointed to learn that I haven't been practicing for shit since he went home for interim.

The entertainment center has been replaced, stripped, and destroyed, in that order. Once I get the place cleaned up it'll be like a brand new apartment. Speaking of which, I supposed I need to check around this week and see if I can find out if I'll be needing to move come August. Because if I can stay where I am for another year, I plan to. It won't really matter so much after that.
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Self-Portrait 3

*sniff sniff* Is that bacon I smell?

So, I ran across the street to the BP to grab an Icee --shit, no I didn't. I went to the BP to get some toilet paper, which I completely forgot about. Dammit.

Anyway, I went to the BP, grabbed an Icee, and when I came back down the street there was a cop car in front of Hale's. I stood there and watched while two more cars came to join it. Three black and whites, total. So I'm thinking, shit, what's going on. I walk past, and alls I see is a guy and a girl who look kind of agitated and blue uniforms. I asked the guy who runs the quick grill what he saw, and he says the guy and the girl came out of Hale's shouting at each other. I guess the first cop on the scene just happened to be passing by or something.

Jesus. Three cars, for what didn't even really amount to a domestic dispute. Which just goes to support my "there are way too damn many cops in Tuscaloosa" theory. There's the Tuscaloosa Police Department, the Tuscaloosa County Sherrif's Department, the University of Alabama Department of Public Safety, and the Northport Police Department. And those are only the one's I'm positive about. I'm almost certain Taylorville and Alberta City are both incorporated to the point that they have their own police departments, but I'm not 100% sure so I won't count them. That's still way too damn many pigs for a city with a population of 120,000 max --and that's counting the students. TPD even has a chopper. Hell, they might have two, I'm not sure. That's why TPD cars have numbers on top.

And just FYI while I'm on the subject, since the University is a state school, from an official standpoint University police officers are Alabama State Troopers, and have the same powers and jurisdiction. So technically, a UP could chase you to Mobile if he felt like it and still arrest you.

In other news, the apartment two doors down from mine isn't vacant anymore. Here's hoping for a cute neighbor. Sure, there's already Cute Japanese Girl, but I'm greedy. Bite me.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, I don't actually watch all that much TV. But, I do leave it on in the background while I'm doing stuff around the apartment, and when I'm taking a break, I channel surf like a madman. That's how I find shit like this:

New this year on the PAX network: Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

"Sue Thomas ( Deanne Bray) is a somewhat sheltered young deaf woman who has recently graduated from college and is about to start her first real job - which happens to be with the F.B.I. Disappointed when she is relegated to the tedious task of analyzing fingerprints, Sue doesn't remain there for long. A new acquaintance, F.B.I. agent Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson) discovers her unique lip reading ability and enlists her to join the bureau's elite surveillance team. Suddenly Sue and her hearing dog, Levi, are "G-men," caught up in a good deal more action than they ever bargained for. But what they lack in experience, they make up for in spirit and enthusiasm."

Say it with me, people; PAX TV can eat my fuck.
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