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Other peoples' misery continues to entertian me.
Self-Portrait 3
I've spent the last hour and a half or so reading an absolutely fascinating series of articles that gamespy.com did last week, The 25 Dumbest Moments in Gaming. Very, very cool stuff. To me, the standouts are --

Nintendo getting sued by MCA Universal -- These days, it's a well-known fact that Nintendo's legal team is composed of men who can't wear normal pants unless they have a leg amputated and walk around using only their remaining leg and the GIANT FUCKING COCK that they won't hesitate to assrape you with if you step to the Big N. But back in the mid 80's, Nintendo of America was just the US branch of a relatively small Japanese corporation; Universal had no clue they could raise up like that, and so they got royally served. It didn't help matters that Universal had a case that could've been shot down by a 12-year-old with access to a legal library.

I also like this one about Duke Nukem Forever, a game that has yet to come out, in spite of being announced back when most of you who read this thing on a regular basis were still in high school.

And, of particular interest to me are this one and this one about Acclaim. I've played utterly fucked-over Acclaim games on several different consoles, and watched piss-poor decision making cause the collapse of their comic-book publishing arm on not one, not two, but three completely separate occasions. I am =daily= amazed that this company is still in business.

But the fact that this isn't number one on the list just boggles the mind. Granted, the actual #1 on the list, Atari deciding not to handle US distribution of the orignal NES because Atari's chairman was a dickhead, is pretty goddamn dumb, but Nintendo deciding to crawfish Sony on the SNES CD-ROM drive deal is something that, no two ways about it, changed the fucking world. There would never have been a Playstation if not for this. And mark my words, if there were no Playstation, we'd still be playing cart games on our Super Nintendos and liking it. If we were playing video games at all; the Playstation was/is a BIG factor in the mainstreaming of video games, mostly because from the start Sony treated the console as something for teens/adults instead of a kiddie toy. I stand by my statement that anyone who believes otherwise is either deluding themselves, or just a dumbass.

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Self-Portrait 3
I just watched a GREAT seven-to-win match of 9-ball between Jeanette Lee and Jennifer Chen that went the full 13 racks. There needs to be a channel that shows women's 9-ball and Sumo Digest. All the time.