July 3rd, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

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I'm a great, great admirer of the Leatherman multi-tool. Don't get me wrong, I have one and I love it like I love your mom. But I'm also a very firm believer in the concept of specific tools for specific jobs. The Leatherman's a great thing, for what it is. But its main advantage is convenience. You can do the job with one, but if you had an actual pair of pliers, an actual awl, an actual pair of scissors, and so on and so forth, you'd use up a lot more space but you could do the job better.

I've got the utility belt bug again, so I'm thinking about these things, yet again. Slapping my multi-tool on there will immediately lead to some redundancy, but not much. It'll definitely lead to two knives, and maybe two screwdrivers, but it'll certainly be my only pair of pliers, which more than justifies it's inclusion. Other than the leatherman, there are more than a few things that I think a person (or me, at least) should keep with them at all times.

--a knife
-- fire
-- phone
-- camera . I'm planning on either a 110 or a small digital; pretty much the same funcionality, but you get the advantage of prints and the disadvantage of having to wait for your pics with the 110. Hell, do they still make 110's?

More when I get back
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