July 20th, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

Like Christmas. Except in July.

Sam and I went and cleaned out storage today, and I found two boxes of stuff I bought last year and never opened. Two Judge Dredd figs, two Batman figs, a couple of Spider-Man figures, one of them in a two-pack with Strider Hiryu, and the Bob and Doug McKenzie that McFarlane did several years back that I picked up on the cheap at Toys R Us. I may put those on ebay, if I think about it. Also, I got the box that all my other toys have been tucked away in for the past year, and an entire box each of books and tapes. So I have to make room in my apartment for a lot more stuff. I'm thinking I might have to buy another bookcase, tho' I haven't even opened up the box of books yet.

Also, I went to Target afterwards intending to buy shaving cream and a shower curtain. I ended up spending sixty bucks. But it's all good, because five of those dollars were on the best. Pants. EVAR. Pictures will be forthcoming.
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