September 14th, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

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Today's been a very good, very productive day. Luke came down and we managed to get in a solid two hours of kung fu. Today felt like a field trip because we went over to Sifu's because the Pubix construction is apparently going to be a bit grander than I first thought; the dirty bastards have fenced off my back yard, so now I don't have anywhere to play. But, going over to Sifu's was fun. Also, big up to guest instructor Wolfe for coming over and showing me how he works his big stick.

I also got another two loads of laundry done after the fu, and I put "this belongs to me" stickers in the fifteen DVD's I'd left them out of. I'm usually pretty good about making sure I put them in, but I found movies that I bought months ago that I just hadn't done.

I'm feeling pretty good right now, but I think I'd be even better if I could get my sleep schedule back on track. I couldn't fall asleep 'til after two this morning, but I woke up at seven, then again at eight after I tried to get some more sleep. And Friday night I stayed up until one, and I slept until almost noon. I would have slept later than that if Luke hadn't woken me up. I need to be going to sleep right now, since I'll be up at seven tomorrow whether I want to be or not, but I'll likely be up for another hour at least because in spite of everything I've done today, I'm not tired enough to sleep. Hurm. Maybe I should just be content with the fact that I'm still spry enough that the only way I can get to sleep is to go until I'm out of energy. Or is that a bad thing?

Anyway, in all seriousness, anybody got any advice for getting on a solid, regular sleep schedule?
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