September 25th, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

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The books that I ordered from Amazon last week? The ones that I shipped with free "you'll get it when we're damn well ready to send it out, and you'll like it" shipping? The ones that shipped in separte shipments from two different warehouses? They're here. They're sitting at the post office waiting for me to go pick them up.

The video game that I ordered from Amazon last week? The one that isn't eligible for their free shipping deal and so I actually had to pay money to get it sent to me? It hasn't even shipped yet.

Stupid Amazon.
Self-Portrait 3


I intended to get a lot of stuff done tonight. Answer some emails (which I'm going to go on and do now), clean my apartment, get started on the redesign, try to get in a hour or so of the 'fu. What I actually did was get in the door, empty out my pockets, and get my shirt off before I collapsed into bed and woke up two hours later, after which I literally stumbled around in a daze for nearly another hour before I actually managed to form enough of a coherent thought to go get some food. I guess the last couple weeks of irregular (and relatively little) sleep finally caught up with me.

This week has been absolutely grand. Details Saturday. Or tomorrow night, depending on how long I stay out suit shopping. Also depending how long I spend cleaning my guns, which, I'm putting this here to remind myself, I definately need to do as soon as possible.
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