November 6th, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

"No wonder the bitch went down so fast."

-- Have much laundry to do tonight. Well, not much. I just have to wash my sheets, and some socks. Jesus, I swear, I have more socks than I know what to do with.

-- I decided on the spur of the moment to skip going to actual Kung Fu last night. Instead, I decided to go outside and work out for a while and further reinforce whatever bad habits I'm still hanging onto. In spite of this, Luke should be happy to hear that both my wrists are aching, my hips hurt, and I whapped myself a good one on my left forearm. Apparently I'm not training hard enough unless I'm beating myself up. Also, my ankles hurt, but I'm pretty sure that's just because I'm getting old.

-- In the process of procuring football tickets for zarkarella. Which is good, because (1) I actually like doing nice things for people. The impulse that makes me enjoy these things is something that I've resisted/ignored for a while, but hell. There's worse things you can do with your life than helping people out. And (2), it gives me an excuse to introduce myself to her without coming off as creepy livejournal-stalker guy. Which I guess this will make me come off as, anyway. Dammit.

--There's actually a fairly decent comic book store in Tuscaloosa called the Comic Strip. It's the kind of place where I'd end up spending a ton of money, except the guy who owns the place is a world-class douchebag. Unfortunately for me, he's moved out of town and the shop is now being run by the frontman for D.C. Moon and his Atomic Supermen. So fuck. I went in there to browse right before closing a couple nights ago and barely managed to escape without blowing more than a hundred bucks on Transmetropolitan trade paperbacks. Which of course just means that I'm going to go back and get them later.

-- I realize now why I'm so curious about the whole "facts about the meat industy" stuff that Luke mentioned here. Because I quite simply don't get it. I'm suddenly fascinated by it because it seems completely alien to me to care about my food. It's food. I mean, I care about food and I (obviously) love food, in the sense that a I delight in the pleasures of a good meal. But beyond that, why bother? I'm fascinated that people can and do bring ethical considerations into enjoying a good steak.
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