November 23rd, 2003

John Constantine

(no subject)

I'd espouse about what's wrong with Mallet now in great detail, but really; the place isn't worth the effort. What I will say about it is this: There was a time, a time that none of you have ever seen, when Mallet was everything it ever aspired to be. It was a place for the best and the brightest, a place for intelligent and creative and different people who finally had somewhere where they didn't have to be an outsider anymore. A place that was formed around an unspoken but rock-solid credo: Not only are we different than you, but we're better than you. And we can prove it. Malleteers looked after each other, not tried to stab each other in the back and coveted each others' girlfriends. Malleteers handled their own problems, not got people arrested for getting frustrated with an arguement. Malleteers looked at university administration and the Greek system and realized, 'We're smarter than these people. On some primal level, they know it, and they hate us for it. We have to stick together or they'll pick us off one by one.' Now they're letting housing dictate every word of Mallet policy and trying to join the Machine.

Do I think of Mallet as a write-off? Have I dismissed it as a loss? Yes. Do I hate it? No. The best friends I've ever had or ever will have I met solely because of my association with that place. For that reason and no other, I don't have it in me to hate Mallet. But I think of what it was, I think of what it could be now, and I can't help but be sad.
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