December 2nd, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

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-- In the first issue of the Doomsday storyline (which actually has the square root of fuck all to do with Doomsday), a 12-year-old black kid buys a can of spray paint, which the fat Jewish guy at the hardware store will sell to him only after the kid promises not to vandalize anything with it. The kid then proceeds to immediately vandalize a basketball court with a crude yellow S-shield and get down on his knees and pray to Superman that he (Superman) sees the signal. Apparently no one at DC Comics had any problem with (a) the Jewish shopkeeper profiling the little black kid, or (b) the little black kid quite litterally deifying Superman.

This is the very first thing that popped into my head when I woke up this morning. Just thought I'd share.

-- Rolling Stone has apparently released a list of what they consider the top 500 albums of all time, and of the top 20, four of them are Beatles albums with three of those in the top ten. And Sgt. Pepper's is, of course, the #1 album of all time. I say "of course" because it seems like every time someone does a "best albums" list, Sgt. Pepper's is usually #1 or #2, behind yet another Beatles album. All of which is leading me up to my point; can someone please explain to me what the big deal is about the Beatles? Because I don't get it. I've heard all the popular Beatles songs, I guess, and at best it's good to pretty good music. Not the best music I've ever heard by any means.

-- And speaking of "not the best music I've ever heard, could someone PLEASE explain to my why I've got "Careless Whispers" stuck in my head?

-- Run into a snag on my christmas shopping. I was intending to do everything online this year, and I figured it'd be easier if I just got most everything in one fell swoop. But fully half the stuff I was intending to get yesterday is out of stock on So I figured, I'll look around for this stuff and see if I can just go buy it, and if I'm doing that for the stuff I can't find online I may as well do it for the other stuff, too. So, shopping trip later this week, which will hopefully bear fruit.

-- You know that scene in Office Space where Peter says his only motivation not to screw up is to avoid having to hear about it eight different times from his eight different bosses? Yeah. Jesus Christ, people, I got it the first time. Don't you morons ever talk to each other?

-- If you're going to ask me if a course of action is feasble, and I tell you that, in my professional opinion, with an astonishingly pathetic decade of experience backing me up, NO, that won't work, do you realize what a complete fucking moron I think you are when you tell me to go ahead and do it anyway? Of course you don't.

-- I am apparently a shallow, self-centered asshole who views women merely as potential audience members for the "O" face. I fully expect my stoning to commence at the earliest convineince.