December 13th, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

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I have a calendar that hangs in the front of my apartment that's got scenes of fantasy art for each month. I just noticed today that there's a small piece of b&w art as a background on the dates, in addition to the main color art for the month. So I just took it down to take a closer look at it to check out the background art, and I realized that I have NOT CLUE FUCKING ONE where I got this thing.

I remember checking out the November picture and thinking, 'that's pretty cool, I wonder who did it?' I saw that it was by Michael Whelan and said, cool. Turns out the ENTIRE CALENDAR is Michael Whelan. It is, in fact, entitled 'Dragons & Mystics: The Art of Michael Whelan".

This thing has been on my wall for an entire year. It kinda makes me wonder what else I've been missing.
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