December 15th, 2003

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Here's a link where you can read the whole review if you want to, but I consider this man's opinion worthless, because he's giving the original Battlestar Galactica and, in particular, Glen A. Larson, too much credit to a degree that is absolutely staggering.

Here's an excerpt from the review. It fortunately comes at the beginning so I know right off the bat that it's safe to ignore everything else he has to say.

"Original series creator Glen A. Larson's multifaceted, allegorical epic has been replaced here by a one-dimensional "bottle" show (industry term for a show that rarely leaves a contained environment). The original series could be seen as a scathing examination of reverse imperialism: An enlightened, borderline decadent culture (the "human race" – a.k.a. Western Civilization) is run from its homeland by an oppressive empire of mechanical warriors who relentlessly hunt them down – bent on genocidally exterminating mankind. These automatons were utterly uninterested in the desires, hopes, or fears of others – they wanted only one way of things in the universe – their way – and would settle for nothing less. So, in essence, Galactica was originally an allegory for Western Civilization (the United States, Great Britain, etc.) being bullied and burned in the same way we have bullied and burned other nations for centuries."

If you truly believe that Battlestar Galactica was that deep, then you, sir, are smoking what must be some tasty shit indeed. Please share with the rest of us.
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