December 16th, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

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Found on the web today, a statement that is frighteningly indicative of what I've been hearing on the news.

"American Soldiers are safer now; the insurgent funding hydra is missing a head. The Iraqi people are safer too - no more chance of a Sadaam headed baathist party coming after them. No the insurgents aren't gone and no the baathists aren't gone. But they've taken a shot to the solar plexus."

Yeah. Saddam was a "head" on the "insurgent funding hydra". That's why he was hiding in a hole in the ground, starving and unwashed and covered in lice. Jesus Christ, America. In the immortal words of Lo Wang, you so stupid, you can't find ass with both hands. I know bums who're living in much better conditions than what they found Saddam in and the general American public is dumb enough to believe that he's bankrolling attacks on American soldiers.

Be proud and feel honored. You were there to bear witness to the moment when I officially, completely and totally, abandoned all hope. Tell your kids.
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