December 20th, 2003

Self-Portrait 3


Sony has developed a new robot called the QRIO.

Not only can it walk...

Not only can it dance...

Not only can it run...

It can stand on one foot.

Dear Sweet God, there's a reason to live again.
Wesley Dodds

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I just woke up from a very strange dream that seemed to last for a long time, where all I did was try to load a magazine for a 9mm Glock. But instead of normal bullets, I was trying to load it with strange wooden things. The main part of them was about the size of a domino, and it had writing on it. Connected to that part was a thin strip of wood about four inches long with a little tab connected to it at a 90 degree angle. This was the part I had to load into the magazine's feeder ramp, and they kept breaking. Sam was there, and he was sitting around giving me advice on how to get my "bullets" to load while he waited for his date. I knew it was Sam, even tho' he looked like Will Smith. It was all very strange.
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    Fuck this. I'm going back to sleep.
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