December 23rd, 2003

Self-Portrait 3

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I can't believe this. I've officially been on vacation for two days, and I'm already soul-crushingly bored. I was sick Sunday, and that's new and different, but hell, that was two days ago. I'm fine now.

Christmas shopping is done. Well, not done, but I know what I'm getting everyone and gifts for Michelle and Luke are on their way to me as I type these words. And no, it doesn't matter that Christmas is in two days. Christmas to me always has been and always will be this nebulous period that starts somewhere in the middle of December and ends about the same time in January. The giving is the important part, not the when.

And yes, it is a perfect excuse to slack off and buy late gifts. You know that hole in your face? The one you put the pie in? Shut it.

I wonder if the weather's going to be decent. I may go walkabout tomorrow.
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Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

-- You know, I really don't like Digger Styles, but he gets some great lines.

-- One Tree Hill is terrible, by the way. I know this because Moira Kelly's boobs suckered me into watching an episode last week.

-- I kinda hate myself for it, but I really want an iPod. A big one.

-- I also really, really want a blue t-shirt that says in big silver letters MY NEW ALBUM DROPS SEPT. 29TH. I actually feel pretty good about that one.