January 26th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- See, this is why I was going to hop on and jot down a few notes for stuff I need to do this week. I can't remember what I was meaning to write down. Stupid brain.

-- I need to go to the toy store sometime this week. The new Marvel Legends stuff is out, and I need to get a birthday present for Dave.

-- Viewing the full article requires one-time only registration, which is something I refuse to do, but here is the hit at boingboing.net. This might just be the coolest fucking thing I've ever heard; Pony Express for the 21st century.

-- This is my list. I'll likely update it periodically throughout the day as more things come to me.

-- Samsung CDMA SPH-N270
Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

-- I just heard a man claim to be "the hardest motherfucker from a land called Shire" and another claim to be "harder than a mithral coat". It's the culmination of everything in my life up until this point, all rolled into a ball. Perhaps combined in a pot into a fine stew. It's nerd rap, plain and simple. I'm trying very hard not to refer to it as hip-Hobbit, because not even I will make a pun that fucking horrible. Also, "My name is Merry and I'm five feet tall; I used to fuck shit up at Brandybuck Hall." Dear God. My life is now enriched to a degree that, five minutes ago, I did not know was possible.

-- I may have to surrender my crown of king geek, as I just had to look up the correct spelling of "mithral". Then again, given that I have the means directly at hand with which to look up the correct spelling of mithral, perhaps my throne is yet safe.

-- Luke, I still have the pants from my gi, in pristine condition. They might be a bit big on you and they'll (of course) have to be hemmed, but they should fit you fine. They're yours if you want them. Dumbass.
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