January 28th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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Combat boots

BDU pants

Belt w/pouches

Dummy grenades

Replica .45

Leather flap holster

Mechanic's jacket w/front panel


Helmet w/goggles

Hurm. When you just lay it all out there, it doesn't seem like much at all, especially when you take into accout the fact that almost all of it can be had off the shelf. The jacket and the helmet are the only things that will have to be modified to meet my needs, especially the helmet, which I'm almost going to have to build from scratch.
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Self-Portrait 3

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College Football Scout Has Eye On High-School Cheerleader

SYLACAUGA, AL—His eyes trained on the Sylacauga East High School football field during after-school practice, University of Alabama football scout Calvin Weaver announced Monday that he sees "great promise" in head cheerleader Cindy Ann Kohlner. "With that flexibility, [Kohlner] would clearly dominate the league in the sack," Weaver said. "You can't look at someone like her without thinking 'tight end.' But really, she would be outstanding in any position." Weaver also said that, given the opportunity, he would "love to fuck her."

From The Onion or from the Tuscaloosa News? You make the call!