January 30th, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

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-- 10 or so months ago I saw a popup online that let you sign up for a free two year subscription to Maxim, or Stuff. I used a fake name so I wouldn’t end up on junk mail lists, and signed up for both. It’s not like they’re losing money or anything, because if I wasn’t getting them for free I sure as hell wouldn’t be buying them. Since their inception, Maxim and Stuff both have been hurtling down the shitter at a fairly breakneck pace. And in the shitter, much like in the life of an alcoholic, there is apparently always more down, because they defy all expectations and just keep getting worse.

-- I'm extremely disappointed in this week's Herbert Kornfeld editorial in The Onion. Not only does it pretty much ignore established Herbert Kornfeld continuity, but it's painfully obvious that somebody typed up the editorial normally and then ran it through one of those things online that "translates" web pages into "ebonics", instead of writing the thing in character. The most blatant example I've seen yet of how The Onion has just gone to shit since they sold out.

-- If Drew gets a slogan, I want one too. The first person to come up with something good gets the standard prize pack: blue raspberry airhead and a cookie.

-- The minute you let even a drop of Thunderbird pass your lips, anything you say for at least a week can be summarily dismissed as the drunken ravings of a bum. You know that, right?

-- Buy.com can eat my fuck. They'll ship books, cd's and dvd's via media mail, but they won't deliver to PO boxes, which is super weak. And they charge way too much for shipping to be sending stuff out media mail.
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