February 3rd, 2004

Self-Portrait 3

(no subject)

I don't have anything worth writing about and I don't feel like writing even if I did. Let's see if there's anything interesting out there for me to steal.

-- Well, there isn't, but I was over at CHUD - which, incidentally, I need to stop going to. They're covering Hellboy way too much. I want all the cool stuff to surprise me the first time I go see that. Anyway, the guy that runs the site is in LA on a set visit type thing, and he put up a little filler thing on the site where he did some people watching at a Tower Records store. Does anybody else ever do that? Do you ever get your attention caught by someone you pass on the street and start wondering what their story is? Start making up little life stories and bios about them as you go along, just to pass the time? I do it all the time. I may do it a little bit when I go to lunch tomorrow, just sit out on the library steps and watch people go about their business and see what kind of vibes I get off them.
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